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Welcome! Below is the extraordinary story of York Golf Club. We’ve been around more than 80 years and we keep improving with age!! On April 26, 1924 York Lodge #563 assigned the land contract covering the Alpheus L. Pipes farm to the newly incorporated YorkTemple Country Club. Thus was born what would become today York Golf […]

The York Corner

This is where you will find stories and other interesting excerpts from York Golf Club’s rich history.  Volume 13 Doug Hoover’s 90th Anniversary Speech 1924 – the year when just about the youngest of our nation’s “greatest generation” were born – Calvin Coolidge was president – we were still 3 years away from Babe Ruth shocking the […]

What Golf Driver is Right for me?

Advancement in sweet spot technology, composition, ball speed, size, and launch angles are some of the categories that designers are now spending their enormous time and money on developing and researching. The result of these innovations has led to the availability of a vast array of drivers on the market that features varying benefits and […]